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Mad 'Air

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Mad 'Air BASE Event

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Madeira, the island with 50 shades of green, surrounded by the deep blue ocean, is a true outdoor paradise. Loved by hikers, bikers, divers and paragliders for many years, the island is now ready to invite BASE jumpers. In 2016 some exits were opened and for sure there are more possibilities waiting to be explored. With more than 300 flyable days a year, the passenger seat of tandem paragliders offers one of the best “objects” to perform a para-BASE jump.

The south side of the island is proud to present us the world’s second highest Kaap, Cabo Girão where our team opened exits for SD BASE and Wingsuit BASE. Other exits are found in the mountains and at the north shore of the island.

In 2017 the first Mad'Air BASE festival was a great succes, with many jumps performed by skilled BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers. The event was loveb by the participants and the locals who watched the show. The support of the local authorities, the football club of Porto da Cruz and the sponsoring of Brisa soda was incredible.

Most exits are easy to reach within a short walk, but one of them will be a bushcraft adventure! All jumps are sliderdown jumps except the paragliding jump, and some offer nice wingsuit possibilities for advanced wingsuit BASE jumpers. How lovely the scenery may be, jumping around the island is not a place for beginners. If you want to sign up for the event, use the application page to show your interest and apply for a slot in the first Mad’Air BASE Event!



JP de Kam

JP is a stuntman, fire artist and freerunner, but it’s his skill in a wing that’s his true strength. He opened the Victory-exit, the first wingsuit BASE jump on Madeira island, and he’s focused on opening more beautiful lines! For the best show, come along and explore the island with this guy!


Peter Blokker (a.k.a. Pedro Verticalo)

Peter is an all-round mountain sports athlete and adventure guide with “impossible” climb&fly projects under his belt. Besides a BASE jumper he is an experienced paragliding tandempilot, inviting you to jump from the passenger seat, if not thermalling up with your girlfriend!

Application (click here to apply)

Want to join the event?

Are you an experienced BASE jumper, looking for a new experience full of fun and adrenalin? Don't wait any longer, slots are limited to 20 jumpers. To apply, fill in this online form and we will contact you with more information. Selected athletes will be announced here. Join the party!

Selected jumpers & pilots:

  • - Mayank Nagpal (India)
  • - Aivar Luht (Estonia)
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Entry fee

The entry fee is € 295,- and includes:

  • - Five nights in a great apartment
  • - Transport around the island
  • - A para-BASE jump from tandem
  • - Site guiding, landing briefings
  • - Supersexy Mad’Air T-shirt
  • - Fire breathing exit photo

All that’s left to pay on the island is some of your food and drinks.

Also, the “safest” jumper wins a nice price from our sponsor AllSkies!